Surfeit of choices

27 August 2006.

How am I to deal with the fact that I now have assumed responsibility for a proper blog, over and above that I bear for my web site, several of the pages of which - in particular those devoted to letters to the editor and comments, etc, - I have been using as if they were a blog, with the distinction that my postings to them have been ordered chronologically rather than the inverse, which is customary, not to say universal, on blogs ? Should I stop posting ephemera to my web site and instead post them all to the blog ? Somehow, a sense of loyalty, misguided or otherwise, to the site which I have struggled to maintain for nearly five months now, prevents me from treating it quite so cavalierly.* For the present, I shall content myself with posting mainly to the page to which the second of the two links provided above points ; thereafter we shall see if gradually a majority of the daily commentary does not instead migrate to this blog. One of the major advantages of the blog form is that it permits readers to post their comments ; were I to find that my postings give rise to discussions here - hopefully ones which shed more light than heat, which latter, unfortunately, most blogs which deal with political matters seem mainly to engender - then that, indeed, would be a reason to devote most of my posting to this site. Den som lever får se !

*I do a fair amount of posting to other sites as well, not least to StumbleUpon, which engenders a still more complicated pattern of loyalties....

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